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Tony's teaching Lisa how to suck (22 April 2015)

Tony is upset that Lisa doesn't know how to suck big cocks. He puts Lisa to suck a big dildo fermlly fixed on a mirror. Since she doesn't suck the huge dildo well, Tony handcuffs her and pressed her head so she takes the huge cock deep in her throat. - YP0015 

Lisa licks and swalows Tony's cumm (22 April 2015)

Mandy Lisa is very naughty and she fucks with Tony Cobra and when Tony cums, she licks his hot cum from his abdomen and cock - YP0019 

Lisa cannot held herself (04 April 2015)

Being fucked hard in her pusy she feels the urge to pee on the parquet - YP0018

Lisa plays with love beads (04 April 2015)

Lisa loves to play with love beads into her vagina - YP0014

Anal masturbation (04 April 2015)

Lisa is masturbating with anal dildo - YP0013

Blowjob, foot job and fucking in many positions! (08 August 2014)

After sucking Antonio Cobra's cock, him is taking her beautiful feet and begin to rub it all over his hard cock. Her feet and those blue toes make his cock so hard! She is getting in top of him and fucking his cock like she loves it! But he want to fuck her into doggy style also so she can feel his magic toy deep inside her! (YP-0010)

Yellow pantyhose, getting naked and sucking dildo! (03 August 2014)

Kristin is alone at home and she record herself while she is playing alone: wearing a yellow sunny pantyhose and high heels, losing the pantyhose on and sucking her magic dildo! (YP-0009)

Footjob, Blowjob and Fucking in top of him! (03 August 2014)

Kristin is finding her bf looking at porn movies and masturbating. Because she was also hot and dressed sexy, she begin to tease him and offer him a blow job, while he was playing with her tits. Kristin will be in charge, fucking into his cock! (YP-0008)

Playing with 4 pair of pantyhose (05 August 2014)

In her living room, Kristin got plenty of pairs of pantyhose of different colours. She is starting with pink, after is getting a yellow one, continue with a blue and is ending with a shinny mesh pantyhose. In total Kristin has 4 pairs of pantyhose on her.  At the end she put some high heels on! (YP-0007)

Pantyhose play with 4 pairs of pantyhose on a couch (03 August 2014)

Kristin is wearing 4 pairs of pantyhose on her beautiful legs and some high heels. She is waiting something or someone to tell her how good she looks like this! Se is getting off pair after pair, and ending giving him a hard blow job! (YP-0006)

Blow job, fuck and liking at the end! (03 August 2014)

Kristin is sucking his cock hard and using her tongue all over the head of his cock! Because she sucked him so good, she is getting fucked very hard from behind and licked after she cum all over it! He love to see her so excited and so pleased! (YP-0005)

A quick blowjob with a sexy redhead (02 August 2014)

Nothing is better then a quick blow job to start the day with a big smile on your face! Kristin is giving her fuck buddy some oral sex while she is wearing just some sexy socks and her mask! If he liked it, just look at his face and you know the answer! (YP-0004)

Sucking cock in doggy style and getting fucked! (02 August 2014)

He is getting hard when Kristin is taking all that hungry cock into her mouth! She knows that and she is getting into doggy style while sucking him. After he got really hard, Kristin is receiving a hard one straight into her juicy and horny pussy!(YP-0003)

Mesh pantyhose, oral sex and fun in bedroom! (02 August 2014)

Wearing a sexy baby doll and a shinny mesh pantyhose, Kristin is getting her fuck boyfriend hard! He is getting her in mood to suck his cock, and because she is very good at sucking she is reward with a hard licking in her pussy and getting all naked!  Do you think that they stop here? (YP-0002)

Kristin sucking and receiving tongues into pussy! (03 August 2014)

Kristin is in mood for some fucking! When she got in into the bedroom she found her bf taking a nap! So she begin to stimulate him : getting off his pants, sucking his cock like a slut, and he ended giving her some tongues into her sweet and bald pussy! (YP-0001)